Why we like some images more than others? - Part 4 - People

Have you ever thought how characters influence the images? How they change the perception, the way how you interpret the image you are looking for? What the difference will be if in the same image, the author hasn’t place these figures?

People are a really strong suggestion in architectural visualizations. When they are used properly, they can define the space really well. Characters help the viewer to find himself in the space you present.



The role of people in the image:

  • People give life and scale to the spaces you are proposing.
  • They add energy and movement.
  • Characters give a message to the image.
  • They evoke emotions, deep feelings.
  • Humans identify themselves with characters in the image.
  • They can be used as visual weight, meaning that the viewer’s eye is automatically attracted.





If you want to show the sense of the space, it’s people that best convey your viewer’s heart. It’s not so much about explaining the design itself, it’s more about community-focused improvements, the new opportunity the audience can discover in the project. That’s why it is so important to show the viewer the interaction between the architecture and the users. In many cases, it is essential to show how space can be used and what kind of activity we want to show.


When we know what kind of activity represents our projects, we should focus on how crowded the place will be. If we want to show that it will be a really busy space or we want to concentrate more on the quality of the space. It’s not always the best idea to put a lot of people in the scene, sometimes it is worth to show some situations of few people so the viewer is not confused about what’s going on there.


First of all, think about your target audience - how they are, how old are they, which social group they belong, what type of interest they can have?

People need to see representations of themselves. When we see other people -  their faces, expressions, clothing, lifestyles - we can easily identify with them. Sometimes characters - their appearance, energy, and expressiveness - can say more about the place than space itself.




The human faces or figures in the image attract the viewer’s eyes automatically. By using characters in the image, you can guide your viewer, you are able to show what’s important in the first place.  Even the look direction of the character is important because we naturally look in the same way the character is looking at. 

After reading this article, I think you have no doubt how the big role has colors and people in the pictures. They are like a road - signs, show the direction which the viewer’s eyes should follow. They emphasize the essence of the space, give the value and character.

All in all, again - marketing with high-end architectural visualization is such an amazing way not only to show the idea and the interpretation of the space but also is a tool to connect with the target audience, guide them through the story that evokes their dreams and emotions. By using a relevant composition, lighting, colors, and characters we can “paint” this story depends on our purposes.

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