Arch Viz Artist Training - Corona

The most practical architectural visualization training based on 3ds max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop.

The whole program consists of a presentation of creating 10 visualizations. The prepared examples contain different styles and types of lighting, so you can apply your knowledge in every situation. In addition, we explain the basics of materials and lighting. It is divided into 50 lessons, which together last for 554 minutes. Here is a list of the visualizations which are included in the pack:

01. Living room - 43:30'

02. Kitchen - 45:47'

03. Dining room - 38:38'

04. Bedroom - 39:23'

05. Kitchen Detail - 29:06'

06. Dark Living Room - 28:39'

07. Bathroom - 39:09'

08. Street - 53:15'

09. Swimming Pool - 42:07'

10. Balcony - 31:40'


Additionally, you will receive the BONUSES :

  •  the e-book “The Art of ArchViz”

 which focuses on the four basic subjects which should be known by every artist. It explains the composition rules, the power of the lighting and color, and how the characters change the perception of the image. This will be a great starting point for you!

  • access to the exclusive facebook group only for our members

 which was launched in order to create a social network of people with the same interests. Our goal there is to give you the possibility to share your work, help yourselves and ask questions about the rendering.


You will have a one year access to this course! After you purchase this, you can watch the videos wherever and whenever you like.