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We present probably the best and most practical architectural visualization training created thanks to 10 years of experience by CGI studio Black Balance. This will teach you a complete set of skills that will allow you to present your projects at a professional level, stand out from the competition, gain recognition and respect among people in your industry. Our course is based on 3ds max, Corona Renderer and Photoshop.

Through the play of light and color, you will create the graphic that people couldn’t just walk by without noticing. We will show you not only how to create amazing photorealistic visualizations, but also how to attract viewer’s attention using the latest trends in the field of sales and marketing psychology. We will show you how to influence perception, create additional value and tell a story through an image.

Competition is getting tougher...


These days, many people and companies do visualizations for pennies. If you want to compete with the best, you have to create the highest level of CGI, lowering the price is not the way to success in this field.

If you want to charge more for your visualizations, you need to make impressive quality images. The graphics that draw the viewer's attention and stand out from the crowd. It’s super important to add additional value to the image. We are now far from only creating nice, photorealistic pictures. Nowadays, all the best studios adding additional value which is the character, atmosphere, and history behind the image.

It would seem that you can easily learn all this, there are a lot of tutorials and articles on the Internet. Until now, however, there was a lack of training that will show the practical working methods of the CGI studio, organize the acquired knowledge. It is not a problem to learn the technical side of this profession. The challenge begins when you want to give character and soul to your pictures, create the right atmosphere and lighting and stand out from the crowd...

What we... won't do?

Instead of explaining the settings...

We explain the art of architectural visualizations. We will show you how to think like an artist and let your viewer immerse in your pictures and not only see the space but also feel it.

Instead of giving the numbers...

We teach the way of thinking, methods, and systems that will allow you to handle any situation, you will not have problems to create a visualization that deviates from examples.

Instead of providing you with all the assets...

We provide you with the knowledge of where and how to get everything you need. That way after the training is over you have the confidence to create your own work.

Is this course for me?

Are you an artist who is willing to stand out and compete in the market?

Are you an owner of a CGI studio who would like to train your employees?

Are you an architect who wants to present your work at the highest level?

Do you want to get the recognition you deserve and build your own brand?

If you want to be perceived as a professional and an authority in your industry, this course is perfect for you!

Ask yourself:


★ How much would it be worth to you to finally start using your artistic potential on a higher level?

★ How much money do you lose every day because you don’t know how to create an image that draws attention?

★ How much you can gain when you stand out from the competition and become unique?

★ How much more can you charge for your images when you’ll be at your highest level?


Architecture engineers by profession. During their studies, they gained knowledge and experience in renowned architectural offices in the United States and Australia. Participants of numerous training in the field of architecture and design throughout Europe. During their education, they enjoyed visualizing their ideas the most and always thought that the graphics side of the project is the most important thing in its presentation.

After graduation, they decided to become CGI artists. They worked with the best offices in Australia, where they lived for several years. After returning to Poland, they founded the company - Black Balance, which creates architectural visualizations for marketing purposes. Their team worked on international projects located in Australia, Dubai, France, and Great Britain, among others. Privately, travel, sport, and art lovers.

What will I learn?

Each person carries some important message. An artist with a brush, camera or computer mouse in his hand has an amazing opportunity to influence reality through his image, photos or graphics. He can affect dozens of people at one time and make a big difference.

Maybe you want to show the world something more than just visualization, maybe you want to convey some fragment of the story that your recipient will be able to interpret in their own way.

We will teach you all we know, everything we've learned or figured out during our 10 years of experience. With our help you will learn to:

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The whole program consists of a presentation of creating 10 visualizations. The prepared examples contain different styles and types of lighting, so you can apply your knowledge in every situation. In addition, we explain the basics of materials and lighting, discuss the general principles of art such as composition and colors. It is divided into 44 lessons, which together last over 6.5 hours. 


"These tutorials are a very good introduction to Corona Renderer as they show how to create architectural visualization images from scratch, starting from camera, lighting, materials, to post-processing.

It's simple and easy to follow and it's very informative with sharing useful scripts and websites of 3D assets and textures that can help you work efficiently.

Some lighting techniques were used effectively and help me change the way I approach my lighting solutions. I highly recommend these to my friends in the industry."

Nilo Aleo - Senior 3D Artist at Virtual Ideas (Sydney, Australia)

"This course is practical and complete. It explains very well the concept of making a photorealistic image. It includes the theoretic of colors, the composition of the scene, type of camera and its parameters, movement in the image.

This course helped me to make my projects more valuable due to the improvement of my representation techniques by using high-quality materials, textures and lighting.

Personally, this course gave me more perspective when making an architectural image and many tips and tricks to improve the quality of a render.

It is one of the most complete and interesting courses because they force you to make your own renders from scratch - you don’t have to repeat the same result, they make you think and stimulate your creativity during this training.

The course is invaluable because they share all the advanced knowledge of Corona and leave nothing in secret."

Jordan Avila - CEO and 3d artist at JA. Render

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to improve the rendering skills. It shows how to create visualizations from scratch. It includes setting the assets, creating a camera, lighting, materials, as well as the post-processing. 

Some tricks which I learned while watching the tutorials became really useful for me. The Arch Viz Artist Training made my workflow more effective and now I am able to produce better results in a shorter time. I really recommend this course to anyone who is serious about architectural visualizations.

Máté Asbóth - CGI Artist / Architecture student 



1. Is this course for everyone?

Definitely yes! For anyone who does or wants to do architectural visualizations. What we teach during an intense 10 tutorials will soon become the foundation of your work.

2. What software do you use?

Our architectural visualization course is created in 3ds max, Corona Render and Photoshop.

3. Why not V-ray?

In our opinion, Corona is much more effective in everyday work, which we prove during the course. If you are new to Corona and use V-ray on a daily basis, don't worry, both plugins are very similar and with our help there will be no difference. If there will be interest, we can create V-ray training.

4. How long does the course take to complete?

It largely depends on how fast you study and how much time you spend each day learning. But we can assume that it will take you from 8 to 12 weeks.

5. How long can I access the course?

You will have a one year access to this course! After you purchase this, you can watch the videos wherever and whenever you like. You need just a device with an internet connection.

6. Can I download the videos?

Unfortunately you won’t be able to download the files. We want to prevent piracy of our content. You will be able to watch the tutorials on our website. You can use multiple devices.

7. What effects can I expect?

We are convinced that this is currently the best course in the world. Make at least 20-30% of what will be shown there, and the effects may exceed your expectations!

8. Why is this a great investment?

After you complete this trainning you can easily charge between 1.500€ - 3.000€ per one image. This is a return on the investment between 400% - 800%!

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