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Written by Agnieszka Klich

3ds Max Exterior & Interior Animations 2.0

Online video course for learning animations from basics to advanced level in 3ds Max, Corona & V-Ray.

Do you feel the same?

A desire for tremendous progress

Do you have an undying passion to be the best version of yourself? To push your limits and create works that draw admiration from your peers? Do you want to constantly expand your offer to provide better service to your clients and earn more? Of course, you do! Let your ambition soar and create stunning, hyper-realistic videos that will be admired! With the right motivation, anything is possible!

  • Expand your offer

    Become an expert in animation production and offer comprehensive animation services!

  • Get recognition

    Do you want to be recognized for your expertise and build a strong reputation with your clients?

  • Spread your wings

    Are you willing to spread your wings and continue to develop your progress?

  • Create artwork

    Do you want to make your 3D animations something more than just videos?

  • Aim to be the best

    Do you want to beat your competition and be in a group of the top artists in the world?

  • Select your clients

    Do you want to reach the point when you choose your clients, not vice versa?

Take a big leap

Join our training

  • 80+ Video Lessons that will teach you all about animations.

  • 23 Shots explained from start to finish.

  • 10 Modules to help you learn efficiently.

  • 2 Render Engines Corona & V-Ray.

  • 200 USD in render units on Helio.

  • GrowFX 3D Tree models from Globe Plants to learn object animation.

  • Animation Training 1.0. The lessons from our prior course as a bonus.

  • All the base 3ds max files. *Textures & commercial assets not included.

599.00€ 479.00€

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Learn to create stunning 3D animations with Corona Renderer and VRay in this comprehensive training that teaches basics as well as advanced techniques.

We will present this animation

From start to finish

Create eye-catching animations with our guidance! Learn the theory and practical skills required to craft amazing videos that capture the viewer’s attention.

Meet the presenter


The team of highly skilled 3D artists behind the courses has dedicated years to perfecting the art of creating animations in 3D software. These results are presented by Agnieszka Klich – co-founder of Arch Viz Artist and YouTuber. With years of experience and the Arch Viz Artist YouTube channel, she presents this comprehensive know-how training on the AVA workflow, tricks, and tips to create stunning and engaging 3D animations.

Practice does not make perfect

Only perfect practice makes perfect

Being a 3D artist gives you the chance to create a lifestyle as you wish. Whether you want a full-time job at a studio, become a freelancer, or launch your own business, the possibilities are endless. We’ll teach you the best practices to make sure you don’t waste time learning the wrong techniques. Explore the opportunity to create the lifestyle of your dreams. Let’s take the first step and make your dreams a reality!

8-steps system

  • Composition

    The balance between essentials and minutiae in the video.

  • Camera setup

    Setting up the camera angle that influences the viewer.

  • Lighting

    Affecting emotions through the different lighting scenarios.

  • Color palette

    Using the power of the colors in order to convey the message.

  • Materials

    Creating high-quality and photo-realistic materials.

  • Assets Placement

    Arranging assets to show the character of the place.

  • Storytelling

    Creating additional value through the story.

  • Post-Production

    Enhancing the video as a professional cinematographer.

Why animations?

A powerful tool to explain the idea

  • Increased Demand

    With the rise of social media, online advertising, and e-commerce, the demand for high-quality animated marketing content has increased significantly With the necessary skill set and proper knowledge, you can tap into this growing industry and attract more potential clients with compelling, high-quality animations.

  • Creative Challenge

    Creating animations for marketing purposes requires a unique set of skills that go beyond traditional animation. You must use various techniques to create visuals that engage viewers and help you achieve your client’s marketing objectives. This presents a creative challenge that can help you grow as an artist and expand your capabilities.

  • Diversify Your Portfolio

    By adding marketing animations to your portfolio, you can demonstrate your versatility as a 3D artist and showcase your ability to create content for a variety of industries and purposes. Showcase your creativity and diverse skills to stand out from other artists and show potential clients or employers the power of your work.

The power of AI in your hands

DON’T be afraid
of Artifical Intelligence

Considering the increasing use of Artifical Intelligence in various industries, it is understandable to have concerns about the potential impact on job security. However, it is important to view AI as a tool that can enhance productivity and efficiency, rather than a threat. By acquiring new skills and knowledge, you can position yourself to take advantage of the opportunities presented by AI and remain competitive in the job market. Therefore, by continuously improving your skills, you can not only stay relevant in the market but also improve your chances of securing a better position.

This system will work for you every time!

For who

Who should attend?

  • Beginner in animations

    If you’re just starting out in animation, our comprehensive training will help you understand the fundamentals and guide you through the entire production process step-by-step so you can quickly start to produce your own work.

  • Architect / Interior designer

    Let us help you uncover the power of animations to fully illustrate your ideas and create the perfect atmosphere for your project. You will be able to captivate your audience using videos to effectively communicate your message.

  • In the arch-viz for a while

    With our training, you will learn how to master the art of creating animations. You will gain the skills to craft stunning, professional 3D animations with the use of cinematographic techniques so you can create captivating videos.


What will you learn?

  • Animation Basics

    This is the fundamental cornerstone of the course, giving an essential introduction to the world of animation. We’ll explain the key basics of animation – its general concept and what it entails. An integral part of that is teaching you the idea of animating within the 3D software environment, how to work with Path Constraint and create a quick preview for testing purposes, which will help you save time.

  • Camera Setup & Movement

    We believe that camera movement, in conjunction with lighting, is crucial for creating exceptional 3D animations. By understanding the principles of camera settings and movements and applying them in practice, we can help you master the art of 3D animation. Additionally, we will teach you how to enhance your animations by using techniques such as speed ramping, changing depth of field or masking.

  • Light Animation

    One of the methods you canuse to bring your animations to life is adding animated lighting! We’ll show you how to create the perfect lighting animation, from sun and HDRI animations to time-lapse sequences. We’ll also discuss how to create stunning animation with just a JPG flat sequence.

  • Video Editing & Color Grading

    Video editing is an essential aspect of creating animation. In this course, we’ll cover the basics of working with Davinci Resolve – the video editing software (free version available) and we’ll explain how to edit clips there. We’ll also go through topics like color correction, and masking, which are fundamental skills that every 3D animator should possess.

  • Creating Storyboard

    The first step in creating an animation is to come up with an idea, which involves deciding on how to portray a particular space, what elements to focus on, and what the desired outcome for the viewer supposed to be. Once you have a clear concept, you can start working on the video draft, and in this course we will explain the process of starting an animation from scratch.

  • Aerial Animations

    If you want to showcase a location and give the viewer a feel of the space, an aerial animation is a great way to do it. However, creating a high-quality aerial animation usually involves combining video footage with 3D models, which is a complex process. In this course, we will guide you through the entire process step-by-step.

  • Rendering Process

    Rendering is always one of the most challanging stages of the animation creation process. We will discuss how to approach rendering animation, how to prepare files for testing and final renderings, like what settings to use in the 3D software.

  • Object Animation

    Movement is a vital aspect of video production, allowing you to convey emotions, actions, and ideas in a more dynamic and compelling way. In the training, we will delve into the techniques of animating objects like vehicle, curtain, people, and tools you can use to add movement to your shots.

  • Artificial Intelligence Techniques

    Artificial intelligence is a topic of ongoing discussion nowadays. Regardless of your opinion, the fact remains that it can significantly speed up the animation process. In the course, we will demonstrate the techniques we use to save time while still maintaining quality.

  • Tree & Plant Animations

    You can add realism and life to your exterior animations with wind-driven movement! This will give your scenes a more natural look, as in real life, vegetation is always in motion due to the wind. With the use of the GrowFX plugin, we’ll teach you how to add animations to any plant or tree.

  • Concept of Animation Shots

    We’ll walk you through the entire animation. We will present all the shots including the exteriors of the buildings and the landscaping areas, to the interior shots. We aim to provide you with an in-depth understanding of the various components that make up the animation, as well as the creative and technical processes involved in bringing them to life.

  • Liquid Animation

    Learn water simulation basics using Phoenix FD by Chaos Group. Perfect for bathrooms, but applicable for a variety of scenes. Also, we teach you how to use Tyflow to create things like bubbles in the champane glass. Explore this workflow with us.

  • Business Side of Animation

    In the course, we will help you understand the business side of animations. You’ll have the opportunity to learn how to accurately quote an animation project, as well as how to effectively manage your client throughout the entire process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and according to a timeline.

Learn this
in just
few weeks

or spend years trying to learn it by yourself


The training program

Theory & Scene Creation

  • Introduction & Animation Basics
  • Lesson 1 – Introduction to the training
  • Lesson 2 – Time Configuration
  • Lesson 3 – Animation Basics
  • Lesson 4 – Path Constraint
  • Lesson 5 – Motion Blur – Shutter Speed
  • Rendering animation
  • Lesson 6 – Corona Renderer Settings
  • Lesson 7 – V-Ray Renderer Settings
  • Lesson 8 – Rebus Render Farm
  • Lesson 9 – Animation Preview
  • Lesson 10 – Walkthrough animation
  • Scenes Setup & Camera Movements
  • Lesson 11 – Camera movements explained
  • Lesson 12 – Exterior shots overview
  • Lesson 13 – Exterior camera #1 setup
  • Lesson 14 – Exterior camera #2 setup
  • Lesson 15 – Exterior camera #3 setup
  • Lesson 16 – Balcony shot setup
  • Lesson 17 – Speed ramping explained
  • Lesson 18 – Speedramp shot #1 setup
  • Lesson 19 – Speedramp shot #2 setup

Animating Objects & Materials

  • Animated Models
  • Lesson 1 – Car animation (Basic Method)
  • Lesson 2 – Car animation (Advanced Method)
  • Lesson 3 – Car animation (Drive Master Script)
  • Lesson 4 – Animated People
  • Lesson 5 – Animated Tree (Grow FX)
  • Lesson 6 – Export animated tree
  • Lesson 7 – Animated Curtain (Marvelous Designer)
  • Lesson 8 – Animated water (Phoenix FD)
  • Lesson 9 – Animated water (Texture)
  • Animated Lights
  • Lesson 10 – Animated lights
  • Lesson 11 – Timelapse sun
  • Lesson 12 – Lighting setup timelapse
  • Lesson 13 – Timelapse animated sky (HDRI)
  • Lesson 14 – Animated fire

Finalizing animation

  • Editing & Postproduction
  • Lesson 1 – Premiere Pro basics
  • Lesson 2 – Premiere Pro edit
  • Lesson 3 – SFX (Sound Effects)
  • Lesson 4 – Color Correction in Premiere Pro
  • Lesson 5 – Color Correction in After Effects
  • Lesson 6 – Masking effect
  • Lesson 7 – Animated overlays
  • Lesson 8 – Zoom Effects
  • Lesson 9 – How to export animation

Extra Tips

  • Aerial Animations
  • Lesson 1 – Aerial camera movements
  • Lesson 2 – Aerial animation
  • Business & Project Management
  • Lesson 3 – How to quote animations
  • Lesson 4 – How to manage a client
  • Lesson 5 – Project timeline for animations
  • Summary & Certification
  • Lesson 6 – Certification rules
  • Lesson 7 – Summary and final advice

What do our students say?

Trusted by 2,000+ artists
from all over the world

Aliaksei Silenka

I’m confident in recommending the AVA courses with a clean conscious! I actually tried the other paid course earlier and it was too hard to follow due to its bad structure. The order was kind of uncertain, and it was more like a bunch of technical lessons unrelated to any final purpose. Here everything is really well structured, I can easily track any previous lesson. And along the learning way, I feel at what part of the track I am, and what each lesson was for. And the general concept of not giving anything for the lesson except for walls and basic architectural items. No lights or assets. That’s great! Before joining the course my main struggle was spending too much time on my projects. I was too focused on technical details and considered them to be the hallmark of visualization as a craft. Thanks to the course it dawned on me that it’s the general idea and the mood of the scene that matters, which doesn’t require much time! And that the quicker you make the scene, the better it’s actually going to be! Now, I’m able to work faster, and better. I enjoy the results, as well as the process. I earn more. I sleep more.

Shehryar Khan

I’ve joined three courses from Arch Viz Artist: Visualization Course, Animation Course, and Advanced Interior Course. Before joining the training I’ve had trouble mainly with the time spent and the quality of my work. I also completely did not know how to animate any scenes. I chose the course from Arch Viz Artist because of the simple and easy-to-understand explanations. The short YouTube tutorials helped me a lot, which made me quickly realize what else I could learn. The cost of the course was also very reasonable. The course form is really easy to follow. You can go back to the tutorial access at any time. The length of each video is also perfect. The lessons are designed to focus on high quality and efficiency. I thought I learned it all, but there is so much more! Now, I am able to complete my renders faster. It has improved my image quality and has helped me become more confident and consistent with my work. After that, I was confident enough to start offering rendering and animation services in my company. I offer consulting and design services and have now received paid work from 2 of my existing clients for renderings as well! I would highly recommend these courses to fellow artists. If you want to learn from scratch or if you want to improve your existing work.

Hlyan Htet
Myanmar (Burma)

For a long time, I’ve been using Lumion for animation but I am not quite satisfied with that. I wanted to know more about animation to enhance my creativity for my upcoming projects. I highly recommend this course to anyone for if you want to be a professional in this field or if you want to learn how the professionals work, the Arch Viz Artist will surely show you how a professional works.

Alexander Gomes
United States of America

I’ve been doing architectural visualizations and animation for years, but when I found out about this online course, I instantly bought it. The information in this course on how to produce animation is of the best quality! It gave me a wealth of knowledge that I didn’t have before. I can say that this course has made me a better animator and it was well worth the investment!


There’s a lot of it

…more than you think.

  • 80 +

    Lessons that will teach you everything you need to know about creating animations.

  • 23

    Shots made in 3D software explained step-by-step in the training.

  • 10

    Modules designed to make learning easy and efficient for you.

  • 100 +

    Lifetime access! Your access will never expire because you might forget something along the way.

English is not your first language? Not a problem!

We have subtitles in selected languages:

  • English

    (Audio + Subtitles)

  • Spanish


  • Arabic


  • Bengali


  • Chinese


  • French


  • German


  • Hindi


  • Hungarian


  • Indonesian


  • Italian


  • Japanese


  • Korean


  • Polish


  • Portuguese


  • Russian


  • Turkish


Software & Technology

We use the best tools in the industry

We chose the industry’s leading software and technology providers to ensure an effortless and productive learning experience.

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See if you can discover the answer here to your question!

  • This course is for anyone who wants to learn animations. Basic 3ds Max knowledge is required as we don’t teach you the basics of the software.
    To produce high quality animations you have to know how to do visualizations first. If you don’f feel good at visualizations, don’t worry! We’ve got a bundle that covers both visualization and animation.
    Animation knowledge is not required as we cover everything from beginner to advanced level.

  • The software we use during the course:
    3ds max version 2024
    Chaos Corona Renderer version 10
    V-Ray Renderer version 6
    DaVinci Resolve 19

    This is a principle-based course, versions of the software don’t matter at all. You will be able to follow the training using any version of the above software.

    Files are saved down to the 3ds max 2021 version. If you have an older 3ds max, you can download a trial and save it down on your own.

  • We have switched to DaVinci Resolve, which we believe is the best solution available in the market. This software has also become a popular choice among video editing professionals globally.

    DaVinci Resolve offers a free version that enables you to edit and create simple animations and unlike other software, it requires a one-time payment, eliminating the need for regular subscriptions. It combines editing, color correction, visual effects, motion graphics and audio post production all in one software tool!

    In our course, we will also include lessons from our previous Animation Training 1.0 as a bonus. In this training, on another hand, we used Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects for animation editing.

  • You will get lifetime access so you can learn at your own pace without any worries.

  • Unfortunately, you won’t be able to download the files. However, you will be able to watch the tutorials on our website.

  • You will get the base 3ds Max scenes that will be available to download. They will include the base building model, and animated cameras.
    Please note that commercial models and textures are NOT included due to licensing.

    The purpose of this course is to inspire you to learn animations through watching tutorials, and then put the knowledge into practice using the base model with your own assets. It’s an exciting opportunity to apply what you’ve learned and create something uniquely yours!

  • A refund will not be possible, in accordance with Consumer Rights (art. 38, point 13).

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3ds Max Exterior & Interior Animations 2.0

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