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Written by Agnieszka Klich

AVA Awards 2023 Winners: Best of the Best

Discover the amazing talents and creativity showcased in the 2023 AVA Awards! Be inspired by masterpieces and celebrate the deserved winners in this roundup of the AVA AWARDS 2023

AVA Awards 2023 Results

The day has come to announce the results of our first AVA AWARDS 2023 competition!

As part of AVA Awards 2023, participants had the opportunity to test their skills and creativity, competing for a prize pool of $103,084! This remarkable sum was made possible thanks to the generosity of our wonderful competition sponsors.


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Our goal was to inspire artists to push their boundaries, improve their skills, and showcase their best projects in one of the four categories:

  • Still image (individual) This category was dedicated to individual artists who created their own visualizations.
  • Still image (studio): This category was dedicated to studios that created their own visualizations within their own scope – individual or group work was allowed.
  • Animation (individual): Dedicated to individual artists who created their own animations.
  • Animation (studio): This category was dedicated to studios that created their own animations within their own scope – individual or group work was allowed.

It was an exciting opportunity to showcase creativity and skills! Regardless of the skill level, everyone had a chance to win generous awards and the opportunity to present their works on the world stage, sharing their talents with an international audience.

The number of submissions was impressive, we have received 876 projects.

We invited esteemed experts in the fields of architecture, visualization, and animation, and they were the ones who made the assessment works sent to us.

Jury Members:

  • Ronen Bekerman – Co-Founder & Manager, The Craft Architectural & Interior Design Visualization.
  • Andrei Dolnikov – Founder & CEO of Binyan.
  • Logan Foster – Product Owner at Autodesk – Modeling.
  • Michał Horba – Senior 3D Artist at Evermotion.
  • Agnieszka Klich – Co-Owner & YouTuber at Arch Viz Artist.
  • Vasilis Koutlis – Founder of VWArtclub.
  • Ivan Kozaliev – CG Specialist at Chaos.
  • Fabio Palvelli – Art Director at Elephant Skin, Co-Founder of the D2Conference in Vienna.
  • Paweł Podwojewski – Owner of Motiv Studio.

They had a challenging task ahead. After careful analysis and evaluation of all the works, they managed to select four winners who presented truly exceptional pieces, as well as eight honorable mentions deserving of recognition.

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Still image (individual)

Winner – Zhenya Komratov
Honorable Mention – Piyush Sharma
Honorable Mentions – Anton Kalambet

Still image (studio)

Winner – Bertrand Benoit (BBB3viz)
Honorable Mention – Rytm Studio
Honorable Mention – Floodslicer

Animation (individual)

Winner – Bertrand Benoit
Honorable Mention – Andy Ross
Honorable Mention – Fradamario

Animation (studio)

Winner – Floodslicer
Honorable Mention – Kunkun Visual
Honorable Mention – ZUHVisuals

All winners and honorable mentions will be contacted by e-mail.

We are immensely grateful for your involvement and participation in our first competition.

Thanks to your passion and commitment, AVA Awards 2023 received tremendous interest, which is a success for us, and we cannot wait for the next edition!

Congratulations once again to all the winners and honorable mentions! We also extend our thanks to our sponsors and jury members for their invaluable contributions.

For those who didn’t have the opportunity to participate, we warmly invite you to our website and social media where we have been sharing our passion for architecture and visualization for years, and where we hope to announce the next competition.

It’s an excellent opportunity for growth, inspiration, and meeting fellow enthusiasts of architectural visualization.

See you at AVA Awards 2024!

The Showcase Section of our page is still running, even without the competition!

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