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KDSL, France, Paris

CG Artist

2,500 - 3,500€ / Month (Net)

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At KDSL we pride ourselves on our horizontal structure and flexible working environment, which allows our artists to have the freedom to pursue their passions and work on projects that excite them.


We're looking for a skilled 3D artist with strong technical abilities, a passion for the creative process, and excellent communication skills. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out in the industry, we welcome artists who are willing to learn and grow with us. Attention to detail, the ability to produce high-quality work, and proficiency in industry-standard software are all essential qualities we're seeking.

  • 3ds Max

    Modeling, scene management. Knowledge of animation would be a plus.

  • Corona Renderer

    Familiarity with Corona Renderer and its features.

  • iToo ForestPack

    Create or edit vegetation and natural environments.

  • iToo RailClone

    Create or edit procedural models.

  • Photoshop

    Use for post-processing and compositing.

  • Davinci Resolve

    Knowledge for color grading and video editing taken into account. (Optional)

  • Photography

    Familiarity with the principles of lighting, color, and composition.

  • French Language

    Not mandatory but strongly appreciated.

We offer

We have fostered a culture of openness, respect, and collaboration, where everyone is encouraged to share their ideas and contribute to the growth of the company. If you're looking for a workplace where you can grow, learn, and thrive, then we want to hear from you.

  • Flexibility

    Flexible work environment and a horizontal structure that allows artists to have more creative freedom and control over their work.

  • Client interaction

    Our artists have the opportunity to work directly with clients, gaining valuable experience in client communication and project management.

  • Collaborative culture

    Collaborative work environment where artists can learn from each other and grow together.

  • Access to technology

    Our artists have access to the latest software and technology, and the opportunity to learn and work with new tools and techniques.

  • Professional development

    We offer opportunities for professional development, such as attending industry events and conferences or taking training courses.

  • Inclusive culture

    Our firm has a positive and inclusive company culture that values diversity and encourages open communication.

  • Variety of projects

    Our artists have the chance to work on a variety of exciting projects, including those in different industries and with different creative challenges.

  • Work-life balance

    We have a strong focus on work-life balance, and the ability to work remotely or with flexible hours when necessary.


Join our team and become part of a talented group of artists, architects and designers who are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of 3D.
Send your CV & portfolio to the KDSL team at