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Motiv Studio, Poland, Gdynia

3D Generalist

5,700 - 7,700 PLN / Month (Net)

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Motiv is a company that prides itself on being a dynamic and fast-paced environment. Our company is looking for new and talented individuals who can work well in a team and who are passionate about their craft. As a new employer with us, we can offer you an array of exciting opportunities that can help you achieve your career goals.

Job Description

Working with Motiv can provide you with a stimulating and rewarding work environment, opportunities to work on exciting and impactful projects, and the potential for future career growth. We are committed to supporting our employees and helping them achieve their goals, and we are excited to welcome new team members who share our passion for design and innovation.

  • Team work

    Firstly, you will be working with an international team that has strong CG skills. Our team is made up of highly skilled individuals who are constantly striving to improve and produce the best results. You will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from some of the best in the industry, allowing you to expand your skillset and broaden your knowledge.

  • Prestige

    Secondly, as part of our team, you will have the chance to take part in creating huge and prestigious projects. Our projects are renowned for their high quality and unique designs, and we are committed to producing work that is both visually stunning and functional. You will have the opportunity to be a part of something big and truly impactful, which can be a highly rewarding experience.

  • Reputation

    Thirdly, working with Motiv will provide you with strong references for future work. As a company that is highly respected in the industry, having worked with us can be a major advantage in your career. Our reputation for producing high-quality work is well-known, and being a part of that can open doors for you in the future.

  • Learning

    Finally, we offer strong feedback and a learning path for our employees. We believe that continuous learning and improvement are essential for success, and we provide our employees with the necessary tools and guidance to achieve this. Our team members receive constructive feedback on their work, and we offer training opportunities to help them improve and develop their skills.


Key requirements for the ideal job candidate:

  • Visualizations

    Still image rendering skills

  • Optimizing

    Efficiently optimizing 3d models from revit, rhino, and sketchup

  • DWG

    Creating interior or facade models from dwg projections

  • Modeling

    Modeling 3d objects

  • Lighting & Cameras

    Setting up lighting and camera in vray and corona

  • Shading

    Applying shading in vray and corona

  • Render settings

    Configuring render settings and rendering in vray and corona

  • Post-production

    Basic image post-production

  • Rendering

    Proficiency in vray/corona rendering techniques

  • Animations

    Basic animation rendering in corona

  • Collaborating

    Collaborating effectively in a team environment

  • Forest Pack

    Familiarity with forest pack


Required software skills:

  • 3DS MAX




  • V-RAY







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