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Spheron Oasis

An inospitable place

The desert, an inospitable place, full of mysterious stories where the sand and the sky come together to form a unique landscape in its beauty, the rest is death, scarcity and survival.

There is a place in the nothing, constantly torn by sandstorms, hit by strong waves of unbearable heat but sheltered from some palms, trees and dunes it is suitable to take the few that remain out of tragedy, we call it Spheron Oasis

A resilient place to the dangerous environment capable of withstanding the biggest sand storms and protect us in these times of full shortage of vital liquid. This oasis could be considered a kind of Eden within the desert, it is difficult to find it but even more difficult to access to him, he only belongs to a small group of people as far as we know and now that we have found him we will expropriate him…