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Via Solferino

Location: Rome, Italy Project Year: 2023 Project Area: 80 M2 Design & Visualization: Oleh Motorin Drafts: Alesya MankoThe apartment was designed for a young couple, the main task was to create a balance between the shared and private blocks. We avoided build partitions that would separate the shared areas from each other, so it includes an entrance group and a portal smoothly flowing into the studio. The bedroom is separated by a partition with sliding doors, thereby cutting off the private area. Both blocks are served by a common spacious bathroom. The color scheme is based on combining the texture of warm wood, light walls and ceiling, creating a cozy atmosphere. Separate decorative elements in vintage style create a harmonious combination and unite the interior into a single composition. The main source of light are overhead lamps, which give a soft directional light.


The studio harmoniously combined three zones: kitchen, dining and sofa group. The kitchen is made in a single texture of wood, which is tied throughout the apartment. A contrasting element of kitchen furniture is a work surface and an apron made of stone. Above the dining table there is a ceiling stucco rosette and an accent chandelier, which creates local illumination of the dining area.


The entrance group has a functional closet for seasonal clothes and a minimum of furniture. Wall decoration and cabinet facade are made in same material to create a complete room.


The private block of the bedroom, in addition to the seating area and closet, includes a work area with a desk and shelving, which are a distinctive and functional part of the room.


The bathroom is slightly different from the main rooms in its monochromy, but it has interspersed color accents that echo with the general concept of the apartment.