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Forest Bath

This is a simple and modern bathroom design. Mostly focus of this project was lighting and texturing. For the main software, I used 3ds Max and V-Ray. For the final touch, I use Photoshop.

Frost Bath

The first render image is names forest bath. In this render, I try to show the lighting and try to make an emotion. Mostly focus on the whole bathroom interior design. And also try to show the client every single detail of the materials, and the types of furniture.

Forest Bath Vanity

The second render image is called forest bath vanity. in this name, it is clear that the main thing is to show the vanity area of this bathroom. In this camera view, I try to tell the space of the bath area. This gives an idea of space to the client.

Forest Bath Close View

The last and final render image of this bathroom is the close view taken from the vanity area. The main purpose of this render is to attract clients and tell a story.