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Serge Ferrari – STFE in architecture

We've been contacted by Serge Ferrari at the end of 2022 to produce an animation showcasing their new product, the STFE, a composite material that could be used on large strcture to replace the glass, due to its lightweight and hig level of transparency. We've created five projects that would highlight the different use cases of the product. A lush greenhouse, a pedestrian path on the seaside, a retail mall, a transport hub, and a stadium. The interesting part of this job was that we've been given total freedom in imagining projects ( we are architects after all ) that would showcase the STFE at its best, as well as animating the construction of the structure. The models were done in 3ds max, Railclone for the structure and secondary elements, Forest Pack to scatter the vegetation and detail elements ( pebbles / mulch etc ), Tyflow for the structure animation, and Corona renderer. The post production has been done in After Effects, editing and grading in Davinci Resolve. We hope you'll like it :) Love from ZUH !